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It is getting to the end of the year where we have to say good-bye to some of our pre-schoolers as they begin a new chapter in their life and move onto school.  We help them share those wonderful memories of being at nursery and a chance to show what they have achieved.  We are sure they will all go onto achieve greater things from their early start in life. 

We have a little celebration and Graduation for those children who are movingup in September.  There is a morning performance and an afternoon performance.  Tickets will be available from mid-June which will give us an idea of who will be attending.  It is always a special time for parents to see them all dressed up and perform....(ssh, its a secret!).  It really is a lovely event.  This years performance will be held on Wednesday 3rd July 2019. 

We also have a Graduation party for all of the Preschool Room where we can celebrate our time together and say goodbye...tissues at the ready..